Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

At Diversified, we customize the Quality Assurance Program based on customer KPIs – focusing on their important requirements. Through our robust technology platform, we measure several metrics to ensure that high-quality services are being performed at the frequencies agreed upon with the customer.

Real-Time Quality Assurance Audits provide Actionable Data
Field Managers equipped with iPads conduct detailed quality control checks via ProntoForms that are signed by the Site Manager and

Diversified Maintenance Goes Mobile With ProntoForms Analytics

Customized Reporting and Monitoring Tools

  • Proficient reporting tools that provide data from QC Compliance. Some of our detail-rich reports include service quality accountability, work site compliance, scheduling, budget adherence, and other essential metrics. For analysis purposes, reports are easily organized according to location, facility type, service type, or time period.
  • Tracking and analyzing such details allows for increased efficiency, ongoing service improvements, and overall cost reduction.

Quarterly Business Reviews

  • Comprehensive business reviews are conducted every quarter with customers to assess performance and discuss best practices. This is an important opportunity to analyze program achievement, recognize problems, determine future trajectories, and deepen engagement with our customers.